The Perfect Dress

It's that time of year again and,
 Soon she has a date!
Junior-Senior has rolled around once more,
She'll be staying out quite late.

What a whirlwind week it has been,
Looking for the perfect dress.
Lots of decisions to be made,
But fun time nonetheless.

So many things that she must do;
Is running here and there.
She even must find someone,
She trusts to do her hair!

When it's time for the dance to go,
And her date is at the door.
I know she'll be poised and ready,
For the boy she does adore!

She's beautiful in her perfect dress,
With her eyes all aglow.
A night that will be remembered,
As off to the dance they go!


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   Midi: Teenager In Love 

Edited and copyrighted by southbreeze 1-31-03

Edited for the occasion May 2006 by southbreeze


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