A Magical Place

In my heart there is a place,
Where I love to be.
A place made up of dreams,
That only I can see.

This is a very special place,
One of magic and pretend.
Whenever I am lonely,
It is for you I send.

You may appear at anytime,
Doesn't matter how or when.
In my dreams you are there and,
The day with me you spend.

We watch the morning sun come up,
And walk the mountain trail.
Hand in hand throughout the day,
Where nature's beauty does prevail.

I wish that you and I could stay,
In this place forever.
Though it is only in my dreams,
It is there we are together.



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Beginning Of A Perfect Day

Art work is by Thomas Kinkade and is used with his permission.
Courtesy of http://www.christcenteredmall.com/stores/art/artist_index.htm#artists


Midi: Forever In Love

Copyrighted 2002  by ~southbreeze~.  All rights reserved.


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