Looking Back

If ever we look back in time,
See bad things turned to good,
We have glimpsed our Father's mercy,
As promised that we would.

We can trace God's hand in our life,
And have the assurance,
That He transformed wrong things to right.
He gave us endurance.

As we face the uncertainties,
That each new day may bring,
God knows what we are facing and,
To His promise we can cling.

Our God gives us hope and mercy,
For us He is concerned.
These are the things He promised us,
For these we all do yearn.

We can choose to live above regrets.
Accept His joy and peace.
Know that He's watching over us,
His love will never cease.


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Midi Playing: Angels Watching Over Me

Performed by 
Margi Harrell
Please feel free to visit her wonderful site right HERE.
This midi along with more wonderful compositions
and/or performances are available at Ms. Harrell's site on CDs.
 If you wish to use her music on your personal web site
 you must contact Ms. Harrell




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