I've been looking down and waiting my child...
to see if time was going to help you with your grief..
Today as I look down,
I feel there is something I need to say to you.
I know you don't understand why I left you and Mom.
There was a reason my child.
Our Heavenly Father called me home.
Whatever the reason he allowed me to say with you
If even for a little while,
You must know that there was a reason.

  Our Father has a plan for each of our lives,
and no one knows how long he will allow us
to be on earth.
You must cherish each moment you spend there,
learn everything you can our our Father...believe
and trust in Him. Ask Him daily to show
you YOUR purpose on earth. Study His
Word and He will tell you. 

   I want you to dry up your tears now my dearest child.
I haven't stopped loving you and I will always be with
you in your heart. I need you to help take care of
Mom now for me....be brave for her.
If you but ask, our Heavenly Father will help you
to be strong. His loving arms will surround you and Mom
and help you to go forth in faith.

     I'm depending on you my child..As I look down tomorrow,
I hope to see you smiling again..
and will you see if you can get Mom to smile for me too?



This was written to .....and for a special friend ...."Michael",
and all other children and families who have lost a loved one.


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