Heading Home

Heading for home down the Interstate,
And those that do await.
It's been a long and lonesome haul,
To deliver all the freight.

He's traveled this highway he knows,
A hundred times or more.
Seen all the scenery on the way,
No new things to explore.

Met lots of people along the way,
Some he'll never forget.
He has also done a few things,
That he'll always regret.

A CB radio connects with friends,
It helps to pass the time.
But it's "Roger, over and out!",
When he sees his Home State sign.

When almost home he just can't wait,
To see those he does love.
Says a prayer of thankfulness to,
Our Father up above.

Home again with his family,
With presents all around,
He knows that when he's heading home,
It's like he's heaven bound.


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