A Fragile Heart

Be careful when you speak of love,
To one with a fragile heart.
A heart that's easily shattered,
When love may depart.

Do not tell them they are special,
If it's not true at all.
Feeling they're on a pedestal,
Will hurt so when they fall.

A fragile heart has so much love,
That it wants to give.
Forgetting that it's vulnerable,
And pain it may relive.

The love that was will always be,
In it's special place.
The place for special memories,
That cannot be erased.

So, if you have a shattered heart,
And pain there you feel.
Just ask our Heavenly Father,
For His love to reveal.

He has a love that you can trust,
And your heart He will mend.
He will wrap His arms around you.
Peace and comfort He will lend.


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