Artwork by Tom Sierak

A Christmas Kiss

Though itís been many years gone by,
It's still so clear to me.
My Mother held me in her arms,
As we sat near the tree.

She was feeling sentimental;
Told of Christmas' gone by.
She led me to the window and,
We looked up at the sky.


The night was bright and beautiful!
Bright stars everywhere.
With no beginning and no end,
To all the wonders there.

One star seemed to move from the rest,
And as we watched it fell.
Everything was so quiet and still,
It was like a magic spell!


I saw a smile upon her face,
And tears formed in her eyes.
At the moment the star began
To fall from darkened skies.

"That was a kiss from Grandma" she said,
"Who's in heaven above.
She sends a kiss each Christmas night
To remind me of her love."

I think of Mom on Christmas night,
A star I wait to see.
As I know she's looking down and,
Will send a kiss to me!



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Artwork © Copyright Tom Sierak,

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