A Broken Heart


" I will strengthen you and help you;
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand".
Isaiah 44:10


What pain a broken heart does leave,
And disappointment too.
When one you love so very much,
You find has been untrue.

You wonder what it was you did,
Or something that you said.
How could a love professed so strong,
Away from you be led?

Remembering all the sweet words,
You felt were just for you,
It hurts so deep within your heart,
To find there's someone new.

Memories of days will haunt you,
And sadness you will feel.
A love thought to be so beautiful,
Was never really real.

Brokenhearted and so alone,
With just a memory.
Of how she gave her heart away,
And threw away the key.





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Midi playing:  Lost Without Your Love

Award Presented for Broken Heart by Granny Rhonda


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