Mama Please Don't Go Away


It was the strangest dream I had,
I was sitting by Mama's bed,
And athough our eyes did  meet,
Not a single word was said.

In my heart I knew all the words,
That she wanted to say.
And felt she knew she wouldn't last,
Through another day.

I felt my heart was breaking,
As the tears ran down my face.
I'd never know the joy again,
Of her loving, sweet embrace.

Mama, please don't go away,
There's much I want to say.
In tears my heart cried out to her,
Stay with me another day.

Heaven's portals opened up,
An angel led her inside.
As she turned and smiled at me,
I saw Jesus at her side.

These words I write to you in love,
For loved ones that may depart.
Don't leave those precious words unsaid,
That are are held within your heart.





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Performed by 
Margi Harrell


Made with love
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