This poem is dedicated to all those who have lost friends
and family that will be spending Christmas with Jesus.

Christmas with Jesus

We know that you are happy now,
And we have to let you go.
Although it will not be easy,
A cheerful smile we'll show.

Christmas just won't be the same
Because you are not here.
Yet I just seem to know somehow,
That we will feel you near.

We wonder how it is with you
Spending Christmas up above.
Listening to the celestial choir
Singing carols that we love.

You know we will always love you
Especially on Christmas Day.
Something will always remind us
Of your sweet and loving way.

One thing that we do ask of you,
You'll know just what to say.
We'd like to send a message,
And wish Jesus Happy Birthday!




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"Precious In His Sight" © by Greg Olsen
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