Across the Miles

As I remember my dear friend,
What you have meant to me.
I know that I've been truly blessed,
In ways you cannot see.

I look forward to each day as,
You reach across the miles.
The friendship shared throughout the day,
Does linger all the while.

From different worlds we two may be,
And yet we're much the same.
Our love for God creates a bond,
As we praise His holy name.

Thank you for the friendship you give,
To all that need a friend.
For encouragement and support,
And the shoulder you lend.

Face to face we will meet someday,
And as I take your hand,
I'll still be giving thanks to God,
That beside you I do stand.



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"Journal from 1959" © by Lee W Mothes
Please visit his site for more of his wonderful artistry
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